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Luna Kirk

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Luna Kirk is a scenic Shore dive in Vidlin Voe, Shetland.

Suggested experience: Novice/Open water

Travel directions: Take the A970 north from Lerwick. As you near Voe you need to turn right onto the B9071. At the Vidlin crossroads go straight on and Lunna Kirk is down a little turning to the right approximately 3 miles further on.

Parking directions: There is plenty of parking outside the kirk. Kit up and walk through the gate and down the grassy slope to the shore about 50 yards

Luna Kirk parking

Lat & Long: 60.402221, -1.118796  Postcode ZE2 9QF  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 20m

Site entry/exit: . A simple walk in entry/exit with plenty of large rocks to use for putting fins on. 

Luna Kirk3

Underwater directions: Keeping slightly to the left of the bay swim out over the weed. (Diving at low tide will mean this is a little shorter). Swim out until you are roughly level with the point this should be around 10-12 m and the sandy bottom should appear. Turn left and swim over the rocky reef until it is time to return. At the base of the reef, 17-20m is a sandy bottom. I didn't explore how deep it goes down here but swam along the bottom of the reef looking at the life on the sandy bottom then returned higher up.

Air & Nitrox: Malkoff Ltd. Other than that contact the local dive club Zetland SAC Telephone number 01806 588261

Site Hazards: None

Nearest Public phone: None close to here.

Mobile Network service: Patchy

Accommodation: To Follow

Other comments: You can also shore at Mavis grind and Spiggie beach

Pub: None close to here.

Cafe: None close to here so take everything you need.

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Links: Shetland marine life     Shetland sub-aqua club

Created by: Jane Wilkinson 

Date: 28/8/09

Surface Photos:  Jane Wilkinson  

Luna Kirk6

U/Water Photos: By Jane Wilkinson 

Luna Kirk4Luna Kirk5

Dive sitemap: Not needed here.

Dive Report: Jane Wilkinson August 2009: You might like to save a bit of air by snorkelling out to the point over the weed. However, there is a great deal of life living amongst the weeds, more than I have ever seen elsewhere. Lots of the usual ie common sea stars, shore crabs, velvet crabs etc but also loads of long-legged spider crabs clambering over the weed. Scorpion fish (the pic of the scorpion fish was taken in the weeds), butterfish and wrasse. Roughly level with the point or at around 10-12m (the bottom becomes sandy) turn left and swim over the rocky reef where spiky urchins and the odd plumose anemone sit atop the rocks and harbour crabs practically trip over their own legs in their haste to get away. Small shoals of fish patrol up and down the rocks, where brightly coloured sun stars, bloody Henry and the odd feather star can be found. But it is the quick movements of the long-clawed squat lobsters that catch your eye as they retreat into the dozens of crevices in the rocks. Staying a little deeper at around 17-20m you can swim along the sandy bottom at the base of the reef where large scallops lie half buried in the sand and hermit crabs make the most of old whelk shells. Once I had got the ‘lie of the land’ so to speak on this dive I preferred to stay deeper and swim over the sand at the bottom of the reef and then return higher up. That way I got to see the life in two different environments, but there is definitely more to be seen over the reef.

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