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Mackenzie Landing

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Mackenzie Landing is the name of the pier and is a gentle shore dive out from the pier in Holyhead.

Suggested Experience: Novice, its good for training.

From the Menai Bridge: 22 miles  Cross the Meni bridge on the A5 onto the B5420 and turn left onto A5025. Heading for Holyhead on the A55 and continue through Holyhead on the A5154 turning left onto the Prince of Wales road at the harbour. then turn right at the Amgueddfa museum.

Parking directions: There is plenty of free parking along the road at the beach and at the back of the Marine services.

Mackenzie Landing

Lat & Long: 53.317518, -4.633948  Postcode LL65 1YB  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 10m+

Site entry/exit: From the street walk down the path along the pier (120m) and enter the water down the steps. You can hold onto the wall and put your fins on here.

Mackenzie Landing entry/exitMackenzie Landing entry/exit

Underwater directions: From the stairs swim around the pier and head north. Explore the reef and sandy bottom which is good for harbour crabs, burrowing anemones, fluted sea squirts, slender sea pens and king scallops. Heading back in a south-westerly direction. If you miss the pier its easy to come out at the beach and walk up to the road.

Air & Nitrox: Anglesey Divers

Site Hazards: Overhead traffic – permanent SMBs recommended

Nearest Public phone: The Harbourfront Bistro.

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation: Contact me

Other comments: This dive site is also good for night dives or visit the Maritime Museum a few meters from here.

Pub: The Victoria Inn, The Boathouse Hotel

Cafe: Holyhead Maritime Museum

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Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 19/11/18

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