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Manse point

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Manse point is a good shore dive on the point in Loch Leven

Suggested experience: Advanced sport diver.

Travel directions: Leaving Glasgow on the M8 cross the Erskin bridge onto the A82 and turn left at Crianlarich staying on the A82. At Tyndrum bear to the right still on the A82 over Rannoch Moor into Glencoe. On entering Glencoe you will see Loch Leven on the right, Along this road ½ mile on the left is a church and Manse point is across the road. Google

Distance from Glasgow: Distance: 92.01 miles, about 2 hours 11 Min's 

Parking directions: There is no parking across the road now but it is possible to get onto the lochside through a gap in the roadside barrier if you are careful.

Manse point parking

Lat & Long: N56 41.082 W5 10.416 Postcode PH49 4JP  Google map

Tides: Tide tables  (use CorranThis is a dive that must be done at slack water as the currents can get strong.

Depth:  40m+

Site entry/exit: Walk down the stonny path onto the beach and out to the point. It's a longer walk when the tide is out.

Manse point entry/exitManse point entry/exit

Underwater directions: Head left as you face the water and you will see small walls covered in life. If you keep the main wall to your left choose your desired depth and head along the wall, the wall gradually steps up to shallower depths. You can then turn back on yourself and follow the reef back into the bay.

Air & Nitrox: Puffin divers

Site Hazards: Currents, this is a slack water dive, if you don't get it right you can get swept up or down the loch and a long surface swim back to the shore. 

Nearest Public phone: Isles of Glencoe Hotel

Mobile Network service:  Most networks work here

Accommodation: The red squirrel     Glencoe Mountain

Other comments:  This is a great site for U/W photography due to the light and water movement. You can also dive a few miles along the road at the Kentallen wall and The slates Don't forget to use the comments at the bottom of the page to let other divers know what its like to dive here.

Pub: The Isles of Glencoe Hotel

Cafe: West Laroch.

Created By: John Nicolson  

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Surface Photos:  Utube   Contact me

Underwater Photos: By Robfromfort and John Kerr

Edible crabSquat lobsterManse pointManse point

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