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mellon charles

Alternative Names: The Submarine boom pier.

Type of Dive:  Shore dive on an old Submarine boom pier with lots of sealife

Suggested Experience: Ocean diver

Travel directions: 4-5 Hr From Glasgow or Edinburgh head for Perth then Inverness Cross the Kessock bridge and stay on the A9 until the Tore roundabout take the second exit and follow the A835 and A832 to your destination.

mellon charles parking place

Parking directions: Park at the end of the track looking out to the old pier.

Lat & Long:   57.855705, -5.635033  Google map    Postcode IV22 2JN

Tides: Tide tables

Depth:  3 to 7 metres depending on the tide.

mellon charles Entry/Exit

Site entry/exit: Kit up at the car and walk down the beach into the water.

Underwater directions: Snorkel out (90m) on the surface to the pier or take a bearing and Fin out.

Air & Nitrox: Atlantic diving services Tel 01854622261

Site Hazards:  The pier is occasionally used by fishing boats who tie up briefly to drop or retrieve holding pots for lobster, crab & wrasse – usually towards the end of the day. Keep an eye out for swimmers and, SUPs and kayakers too.

Nearest Public phone: Shore Croft Hotel.

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation:  Lochside Caravan

Other comments: Park around the edges of the hardstanding (Helicopters very occasionally land here), Do not block access to the slipway. Note this is MOD land and camping overnight here is not allowed.

The beach is quite secluded but occasionally sought out by paddlers and families seeking a quiet relaxing day in outstandingly beautiful surroundings. The journey to get here from Inverness is quite breathtaking. A relaxing dive site with easy entry and exit. Although a shallow dive there is loads of marine life attached to the pier legs and many fish using this artificial reef.

Pub: Shore Croft Hotel.

Cafe: None close to here.

Version: 1

Thanks To: dive buddys Pete Watson and Valerie Storey who introduced me to this site.

Links: None I can find.

Created by: Gerard Storey

Date: 29/8/21

Surface Photos: By Gerard Storey  Drone video

mellon charles

Underwater Photos: By Gerard Storey

mellon charles4mellon charles5mellon charles7mellon charles8

Underwater video: Utube

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