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Type of Dive: Midletters shore dive on Loch Fyne is a gentle slope with small rocks scattered around with large pieces of sugar kelp. 

Suggested experience: Site has an easy entry and is good for novices. Shingle beach so no slippy stones and convenient rocks for donning fins. 

Travel directions: Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Tarbet onto the A83, through Arrochar and over the rest and be thankful,  turn left onto the A815 just after Strachur, Turn onto the A886 towards anchor point etc and continue along the lochside. Go past the war memorial on the right and as the houses peter out the countdown markers for 40mph for the traffic coming the other way appear on the opposite side. Next to the third marker (see pic) is a grassy verge. Google

From Glasgow: 63 Miles 1hr 30 mins

Parking directions:  There is plenty of room on the grass verge to park in single file for several cars.

Midletters car parking

Lat & Long: 56.156390, -5.101551 Postcode PA27 8BZ  Google

Tides:  Tide tables


Site entry/exit: Down the concrete ramp and a gently sloping shingle beach.

Midletters entry/exitMidletters entry/exit

Underwater directions: Swim out over a band of kelp and then it's just a gradual muddy/silty slope. Few small rocks scattered around and large pieces of sugar kelp with things hiding underneath 

Air & Nitrox:  Wreckspeditions   Aquatron   Splashsports

Site Hazards:  There are no major hazards here.

Nearest Public phone: Creggans Inn

Mobile Network service: Most networks are ok here.

Accommodation: Creggans Inn

Pub:  Creggans Inn

Cafe:  Strachur

Created by  Jane Wilkinson  

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Surface Photos:  By Jane Wilkinson

Underwater Photos: By Jane Wilkinson   Webcam

Fireworks anemoneSkate

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Dive Report:  Jane Wilkinson... Very similar to all the sites along that stretch. Swim out over a band of kelp (lots of small stuff lurking around), long-legged scorpion crabs on the kelp stripes and then it's just a gradual muddy/silty slope. Few small rocks scattered around and large pieces of sugar kelp with things hiding underneath. Loads of stuff once you start looking. Shore, harbour, scorpion, spider crabs and one large edible crab. Several different types of sea squirts including the lovely gas mantle one. Lovely dog whelk laying eggs, urchins. Spiny and seven armed starfish. Large scallops and a few queenies. A couple of dogfish and squat lobbies hiding in every nook and cranny. Lots of fireworks anemones at around 20m Also lots of golf balls!

Dive Report:  Pete Gunn  19/11/11  We headed down to 20m from the slipway over the silty seabed with occasional small boulders. As we zig-zagged up we found a rocky reef which started at about 15m this is where we found most of the life to be - Pipefish, massive scorpion fish with a head the size of a tennis ball, Scallops, Lobster, seven armed starfish, lots of edible crabs and a stickleback in the shallows. Found this to be a pretty dark dive although the viz was very clear around 5m. Overall this was a decent site for marine life despite being fairly featureless. Entry and exit from the water is easy enough as long as you come out the water at the slip and its an easy walk up to the car. I will be back here again I'm sure.

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