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Milton rock

Alternative Names: South Milton beach.

Type of Dive: Scenic shore dive around an offshore rock.

Suggested experience: Novice upwards.

Travel directions Plymouth: 24 miles  50 mins Google 

Parking directions: Parl in the car park along the front as near to the path as possible Google 100 meters past the beach cafe.

Lat & Long: N50.257903 W-3.86112  Postcode TQ7 3JY Google

Tides:  Tide tables Best dived at high tide as you can walk to the rock at low tide.

Depth: 10m at high tide.

Site entry/exit: Kit up at the top of the beach at the path to the beach and it's a simple walk into the water. Milton rock can be seen in the picture below at the bottom of the path.

Milton rock entry/exit

Underwater directions: Surface swim out to the rock as there are gully's in between that makes navigation a nightmare. The seaward side of the rock is the deepest but on the way back explore the gully's as there is a lot see, and the remains of an unknown wreck.

Site Hazards: Navigation under the water.

Nearest Public phone: To Follow

Accommodation: Self-catering  Hope and anchor  Bed and Breakfast

Mobile Network service: To Follow

Other comments: The parking can be crowded on sunny summer days. There are public toilets 200 meters from the path to the sea.

Pub: Hope and anchor

Created by: Jim Booth

Cafe: Beachhouse in the summer.

Air & Nitrox: None close  Aquanauts Dive Centre    Deep Blue Diving  Sandford and Down

Date: 17/1/11

Revision: 1

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Surface Photos: Jim Booth

Underwater Photos: 

Compass JellyfishMilton rock from the water

Dive Map: Not required as it can be seen from the shore.

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