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Mullion cove

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Mullion cove is a scenic shore dive just outside the harbour.  Webcam

Suggested experience: Novice upwards

Distance from Plymouth: 80 miles 2 Hrs Google

Parking directions: The car park is on the right just before you get to the sea Drive down and dump your kit off at top of slipway as it is a bit of walk fully kitted from the car park.(510m)

Lat & Long: N50.015356 W-5.259967  Postcode TR12 7ES  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 13m

Site entry/exit: Enter the water down the steps at the end of the harbour watching out for boats and stay to the right. You can do a jump entry from the end if it's a high tide.

Mullion cove entry/exit

Underwater directions: Swim out of the harbour over a stony bottom and head right through an area covered in kelp with loads of big rocks and gully's to explore and out and around the small Island.

Site Hazards: Boats entering and leaving the harbour.

Nearest Public phone:

Accommodation: Criggan Mil B+B Seaspray cottage Seagull self-catering

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Other comments: Don't dive here if the winds are from the south. You can launch a rib here and dive Mullion Island as well. An SMB is essential here due to boat traffic.

Pub: Mullion Cove Hotel

Created by: James Young

Cafe:  Porthmellin Cafe

Air & Nitrox: Kennack diving

Date: 23/4/11

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Surface Photos:  By James Young

Underwater Photos:  By James Young  Utube  Utube 

Mullion cove underwaterMullion cove underwater 

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