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Newry beach

Alternative Names: None.

Type of Dive: Newry beach is a gently sloping shore dive 

Suggested experience: Ocean Diver with good buoyancy control

Distance from Menai Bridge: 22 miles

Parking directions: Park on the layby above the Maritime Museum – the parking at the bottom is for the museum patrons only. Drop kit and park at the top.

Lat & Long:  53.317269, -4.635888 Postcode LL65 1YB  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 10m

Site entry/exit: Easy entry by walking down the beach, Holyhead Harbour Master (01407 606700) should be informed about any diving activity in the harbour - he is happy to entertain divers so long as they inform him.

Newry beach entry/exit

Underwater directions: We went in on the far left side of the beach, headed straight out towards the mooring buoys, turned 90 degrees right, finned for a short time then turned 90 degrees right again to head back into shore

Air & Nitrox:  Anglesey Divers

Site Hazards: Overhead traffic – permanent SMBs recommended

Nearest Public phone:  The Harbourfront Bistro.

Mobile Network service:  Contact me

Accommodation: The Boathouse Hotel

Other comments: Best dived at high tide as finning over pebbled seabed prior to getting to the muddy bottom. At low tide, the light is supposed to be better. Anglesey Divers use this beach for training so it might be wise to check with them to see if they are running any courses – the site could get very busy!

Pub: The Victoria Inn, The Boathouse Hotel

Cafe: Holyhead Maritime Museum

Created By: Phoebe Sparke

Date: 06 March 2012

Revision: 2

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Surface Photos: By Phoebe Sparke

Underwater Photos: By Phoebe Sparke

Flat fishDogfish

Dive Map:  Not required here.

Dive Report: PhoebeSparke Dived this spot for the first time 04 March 2012. Easy access from the shore. Descended to about 3m – soft muddy substrate – good buoyancy control essential! Lots of harbour crabs, burrowing anemones and fluted sea squirts. Venturing to about 6m glimpsed slender sea pens and king scallops. Didn't make it to the mooring buoys which I believe are at about 10m. Other divers saw common and squat lobsters. The right-hand side, which we didn't get to has some rocky reef providing different life.

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