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Nohoval cove

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Shore dive in a great small sheltered cove with pinnacles and gullies to the east.

Suggested Experience: Novice and snorkelling

Travel directions: Coming south on the M8 from Dublin take the Jack Lynch Tunnel. Take the second exit after the tunnel on to the N28 / R611 to Carrigaline (24km) -Drive straight through Carrigaline (coming off the R611) and keep going approximately 5 km to Minnane Bridge - there turn right for Novahal (3.5km) via the L3210 & L321.

Parking directions: Park at the old ruins as near to the stony path as you can to save carrying your dive kit too far.

Lat & Long: 51.714164, -8.385685  Google

Weather:    My Weather

Depth: 12m at high tides.

Site entry/exit: Walk down 250m stony path to the water's edge and into the water. 

Nohoval cove path to the shore

Underwater directions: Snorkel out of the cove over the seaweed into the deeper water drop down to the seabed and head east (left) diving around the pinnacles and further on to the gullies if you have the air to safely return.

Air & Nitrox: Aquaventures

Site Hazards: The cove faces south and so should be diveable in anything other than a southerly swell.

Nearest Public phone: None close to here?

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation: Cove Cottages +353 21 488 7132

Other comments: The seabed here has Large boulders with white sand between them and is good for seeing Lobster in the slabbed rock formations, crab, sand eels, Dogfish and plenty types of Jellyfish.

Pub: None close to here?

Cafe: None close to here?

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Created by: Penguin

Date: 6/5/18

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Nohoval cove dive map

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