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Alternative Names: None.

Type of Dive: Oddicombe is a good shore dive on a Reef and Wall.

Suggested Experience: Ideal for newly qualified to the U/W photographer.

Travel directions: Oddicombe is situated on the Eastern corner of the southwest peninsula, approx. 30 miles South of Exeter, 30 miles East of Plymouth on the Northern edge of Torbay and easily accessible from Torquay Harbour by following the many road signs. The main motorway networks link the southwest from the M6/M5 and the M4 with these main routes connecting around the Bristol area. All routes link directly to the end of the M5 and virtually link Torbay directly from the end of the motorway network.

Parking directions: Parking is on the side of the road heading down to the beach.

Lat & Long:  50.483364, -3.514673   Postcode TQ1 3LB  Google

Tides: Tide tables  Best done near high water and as Babbacombe Bay faces east the beach is undiveable during easterly winds.

Depth: 6-7m

Site entry/exit: To dive Oddicombe it is best to enter the sea at the north of the cafe. (left facing the sea)


Underwater directions: Head out East until you are at the bottom of the beach 3-4 meters deep! at this point, you want to head North following the line of the beach. you will come to some rocky outcrops where you can spend your whole dive! There are lots of small critters! anemones, Lobster and lots of Nudibranch species for the photographer! For a second dive, You can pass the rocks and keep heading North until you hit the wall! you can then follow the wall around for as long as you want! there are lots of cracks and crevices to explore with many more small critters to find. In the winter it's more open than Babbacombe meaning you get the sun most of the day which is nice after getting out from the cold sea!

Air & Nitrox: Teign diving centre

Site Hazards: Swell

Nearest Public phone: None

Mobile Network service: Most networks

Accommodation: Royal hotel & carvery 31 Babbacombe Downs Rd, Torquay TQ1 3LQ

Other comments: Oddicombe Beach is a great dive for the winter when the winter season allows parking. This usually runs from the end of October through to March!

Pub: Three degrees west

Cafe: Three degrees west 

Oddicombe cafe

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Created by: Tony Reed

Date: 07/09/2018

Surface Photos: Tony Reed

U/Water Photos: Tony Reed  Utube


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