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Alternative Names: Oversand beach.

Type of Dive: Overstrand in Norfolk is a varied dive in rock holes and chalk gullies.

Suggested Experience: Novice with good conditions

Travel directions: From Norwich head north on the A140 turn left onto the A149 turn off at Crossdale street and follow signs for Overstrand onto Pauls Ln onto the Cliff Top Cafe.

Parking directions: Park as close to the top of the path as possible or in the Pay and display which have toilets 100m along the road.

Lat & Long: 52.920298, 1.343872  Postcode NR27 0PP  Google

Tides: Tide tables  (using Cromer East of England) Its best to dive here on a high slack which is 1/2 hr after high Cromer as the viz is better. 

Depth: 10m

Site entry/exit: Its 150m from the top of the concrete path down to the sand and 40m across the sand to the sea depending on the tide but it seems to be further on the way back up the path. If you have a trolly its ideal for here as its a good path down to the beach.

Overstrand site entry/exitOverstrand entry/exit

Underwater directions: The chalk reefs here have fingers emerging from the sand sloping downwards, Straight north is an abandoned pipe to the west there is an area of rock with large and small holes that look as if they had been drilled, to the east is an area with chalk boulders.

Air & Nitrox: Cristal seas

Site Hazards: Viz here is very weather dependent, and can drop to zero quiet fast after onshore winds, but remaining clear into the Autumn if SW winds continue.

Nearest Public phone: Cliff top Cafe

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation:  Ivy Farm holiday park    Overstrand campsite

Other comments: The viz at Overstand beach is usually 3-4m but best at high slack water. You can also dive the Sheringham gullies 7 miles and 20 mins west of here.

Pub: None close to here.

Cafe: Cliff top Cafe

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Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 14/8/18

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