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Oxwich bay

Alternative Names: The Solor.

Type of Dive: A shallow wreck dive from a sandy beach which is also a popular snorkelling site for spearfishing.

Suggested Experience: Novice upwards

Travel directions:  From Swansea head south-west towards Mansel on the A4118 for 11.5 miles then turn left at signpost marked Oxwich and Slade. Continue through Greenway park to Oxwitch. Total of 13 miles and 33 mins.

Parking directions: Park in Oxwich Bay Car Park or in the Oxwich Bay Hotel car park for a night dive when its quiet.

Lat & Long: 51.550121,-4.146787  Postcode SA3 1LS  Google map

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 0-5m

Site entry/exit: Enter the water at the south of the beach. (the right looking at the sea)

Underwater directions: Head out staying close to the cliff on the surface until you see a large white arrow and the letter W painted on the cliffs This is where the wreck lies parallel to the cliff.The middle section of the hull is visible at low tide and looks like a fence. 

Oxwich bay and the Solar wreck site

Air & Nitrox: Dive in2 Pembrokeshire   West Wales dive centre   Pembrokeshire Coast

Site Hazards: Fishing lines and Fishing.

Nearest Public phone: Oxwich Bay Hotel

Mobile Network service: Contact me


Other comments: The Solor was an 8,262-ton Norwegian motor vessel which was hit by a torpedo from U-825 in the Irish Sea. The Solor is now a popular dive site and is known for Conger Eels, spiny spider crabs, Triggerfish and Kayak fishing.

Pub: Oxwich Bay Hotel (good barbie in the summer).

Cafe: Oxwich Bay Cafe.

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Links:  Gower shipwrecks    National Trust

Created by: Matt Yates

Date: 25/4/18

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