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Pettico wick

Alternative Names:  None

Type of Dive: Pettico wick is a wreck and reef shore dive.

Suggested Experience:  Sport Diver 

Travel directions: From the A1, turn off for Eyemouth on the A1107 and turn left onto B6438 and left again before St Abbs  

Parking directions:   Car park at the top of the hill on the left just before the lighthouse.  

pettico wick parking

Lat & Long:   55.915001, -2.149663  No Postcode   Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 16m  

Site entry/exit:  As the pictures below, enter off the end of the ramp.

Pettico wick path to the sea.Petico wick slip

Underwater directions: In the center of the bay there is a small tunnel (Utube) in a depth of 7m in a rock called Wick Gault. There is also a wreck here called the Ringholm (Odense) (N55 54.90 W02 09.19) and the only sizable part left is the boiler.

Wreck of the Odense location.peticowick10

Air & Nitrox: Edinburgh dive centre      Marinequest   

Site Hazards:   Path to the dive site and currents to the north.

Dive boat:  MV Topline

Nearest Public phone:   St Abbs 

Mobile Network service:  No reception at sea level but OK at the parking area.

Accommodation:  Dunbar and St Abbs

Other comments:  This dive site is usually done when St Abbs is blown out but it can be a great dive. 

Pub:  St Abbs 

Cafe: St Abbs 

Created By: Eddie Horn 

Date:  7/7/07 


Links:  None

Surface Photos: By Eddie Horn

U/Water Photos:  By Nathan Jeffery  Utube   Utube   Utube

Flat fishAngler fish

Divesite map:   By Max Ruffert

Pettico wick dive map

Dive Report:  Comment in the box below.