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Porth Colmon dive site

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Porth Colmon in north Wales is a very easy shore dive, good for novices and snorkelling.

Suggested Experience: Novice, Photography and Snorkeling.

Travel directions: From Porthmadog Head west towards A497, Exit the roundabout onto Penamser Rd/A497, At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto A497, Turn right onto B4354, Turn right to stay on B4354, Turn left onto A499, Slight right onto A497, At the roundabout, continue straight onto B4412, Turn left onto Lon Terfyn/B4417 and continue to Porth Colmon.

Parking directions: There is space for two-three cars here but respect the space to allow access to the house.

Lat & Long: 52.875666, -4.683386 Postcode LL53 8NT  Google

Tides: Tide tables   Can be dived on any state of the tide but best at high to get some depth.

Depth: 10m

Site entry/exit: Its a very easy entry/exit by simply walking in.the middle of the bay. The picture below was taken a low tide.

Porth Colmon entry / exit

Underwater directions: Stay within the cove and the current is easily manageable or if its slack water you can explore east towards the beach. Don't go to the west unless you are confident the tide is not a problem.

Air & Nitrox:  Anglesey Divers or Vivian Dive Centre

Site Hazards: The currents outside the bay can be very fast so care must be taken if leaving the bay. There can be surface traffic so a surface marker boy is recommended.

Nearest Public phone: None close to here.

Mobile Network service:

Accommodation: Contact me

Other comments: As with most of the dive sites here you will see spider crabs, plumose anemones, snake locks anemones, small gobies. This is a lovely dive site for all divers, from complete novices to photographers and divers who enjoy wildlife.

Pub: None close to here.

Cafe: None close to here so take anything you need.

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Links: I have not found any links to diving here so its probably only dived by locals.

Created by: Martin Vincent

Date: 12/3/17

Surface Photos:  Martin Vincent

U/Water Photos:  Contact me    Utube

Dive sitemap: Not required here as its a small site.

Dive Report: Comment in the box below.