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Porth Eilian1

Alternative Names:  Llaneilian Bay

Type of Dive: Shallow shore dive in a protected bay.

Suggested experience: Novice

Travel directions: To follow.

Parking directions:  Drive down to the slip, drop off your gear then drive to the car park up the road or at the roundabout leaving room for cars to pass.  Google

Lat & Long:   53.411756, -4.293042  Postcode LL68 9LT  Google

Tides:  Tide tables  Tides are not a problem here as long as you stay in the bay

Depth: 9m max at high tide.

Site entry/exit: Its an easy stroll down the beach into the water. 

Porth Eilian entry/exit

Underwater directions: It's a small dive site with a flat sandy middle covered in worm casts and small boulders and seaweed around the edges.

Air & Nitrox: Anglesey divers   Vivian

Nearest Public phone: None close to here.

Mobile Network service:  Contact me

Accommodation: Kingsbridge Camping Site Bunkhouse Camping

Other comments: Don't get to close to the lighthouse where the tide can start to increase. Its popular with jet skis here so use an SMB and you can launch a boat from the slipway if you have a key from the council.

Pub: Restaurants Pubs & Inns

Cafe: None close to here.

Created by: Martin Vincent

Date: 24/4/11

Revision: 2

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Surface Photos: Martin Vincent.

Underwater Photos: By Martin Vincent.   Utube

Porth EilianPorth Eilian

Dive Map: Not Required

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