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Prussia cove

Alternative Names: None 

Type of Dive: Prussia cove is a good scenic shore dive used for snorkelling as well

Suggested experience: Novice upwards...

Distance from Plymouth: 80 Miles 1 Hr 50 Mins Google

Parking directions: Parking is limited to about 20 cars so get here early.

Lat & Long: N50.100329 W-5.417408 Postcode TR20 9BB Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 14m

Site entry/exit: The beach is a long walk from the car park so drive as far down to the beach as you can and drop off your dive kit then take your time and two trips to carry your kit to the shore. Its an Easy entry into the water by walking down the beach...

Prussia cove dive site entry/exit

Underwater directions: Keep to the east which is your left facing the sea and swim in and out all the gully's and return the same way. The seabed is sandy with rocks and seaweed. This dive site is famous for Tompot Blennies, Squat Lobsters, Rocklings, Squid, Cuttlefish, Dogfish as well as the usual wrasse and Pollack. In the centre of Prussia Cove, there is the wreckage of HMS Warspite a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship which sank under tow to the breakers yard.

Air & Nitrox: Atlantic scuba

Site Hazards: No major hazards here except the long walk to the shore.

Nearest Public phone: No phone near here.

Mobile Network service:  Contact me

Accommodation: Rosudgeon farm, Camping   Kenneggy holiday park

Other comments: About 50m off the beach is the best diving, around a rock called the Enys. There is also an island to the south-east, which has a long tunnel passing through it.

Pub: None close to here

Cafe: None close to here so take everything you need.

Created By: Finstrokes

Date: 29/4/11

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Prussia covePrussia cove

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