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Alternative Names: Rhoscolyn bay, Borth Wen Beach.

Type of Dive: Rhoscolyn is a scenic shore dive good for snorkelling as well

Suggested Experience: Novis

Travel directions: A55 over the Meni bridge onto Anglesey, onto A155 At junction 3, take the A5 exit to Valley Turn left at B4545 Turn right at Ffordd Caradoc.

Parking directions: There’s a Pay&Display car park just behind the beach, however, it’s not big so arrive early in sunny summer.

Lat & Long:  N53.243081  W-4.588938 Postcode LL65 2NX  Google

Tides: Tide tables  1 hour 30 mins before HW Liverpool. Its shallow here it's best to dive at high tide.

Depth:  8m

Site entry/exit: Simple entry on the beach or the boat slip on the right of the bay.

Rhoscolyn entry/exitRhoscolyn entry/exit

Underwater directions: Head out looking in all the cracks in the shore to your right until you get to the Island where you are in a gully and then keep the wall to your left and go round the Island. When you get back to the gully keep the shore to your left and return to the shore.

Air & Nitrox: Anglesey divers   Vivian

Site Hazards: Speedboats and jet skis. An SMB is recommended for diving here if you dive in the bay.

Nearest Public phone: The white eagle

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation: Silver Bay Holiday Park

Other comments: This is a great area for a club dive trip its good for photography with good viz and if you have a RHiB with you there are a few wrecks as well as scenic diving.

Pub: The white eagle

Cafe: None close to here so take everything you need.

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Created by: Martin Vincent

Date: 28/11/10

Surface Photos:  By Martin Vincent

U/Water Photos: By Martin Vincent


Dive sitemap: Contact me

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