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Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Shore dive with plenty to see.

Suggested experience: Suitable for all grades.

Travel directions: Head north on the A90 into the toll of Birness turn left onto the A592 into Fraserburgh and then the A98 to Rosehearty.

Parking directions: Park at the picnic site in North Street just past the ex RAF lookout tower. which is also good for a surface interval if you are doing two dives. See picture below. 


From Aberdeen: 46 Miles 1 Hr 16 mins

Lat & Long: N57.699366 W-2.123827 Postcode AB43 7NT  Google

Depth: 22m Max

Tides:  Tide tables good dive most tides but exit can be tricky in low water.

Site entry/exit: Rough rock and boulder access to entry/exit site. The gully is the most common entry/exit point. Just step off and clear the gully and drop down to 7 - 8 m this takes you into a North-South running channel, (see picture below) Even at low water exiting the water is easy as there are natural steps at the end of the gulley only difficult on low spring tide.

Rosehearty entry/exitRosehearty entry/exit

Underwater directions: Three swim-throughs approx. North-East of the main entry point. There are a variety of dive routes by following the rock faces, one of them being the Pinnacle. You can exit the first gully and head North-West till you come to two pipes lying on the seabed from here you go west following a rock face then as it breaks there is a small gully which you follow slightly up then down again to another deep gully bottom covered in large boulders explore this gully and back at the start follow the northerly side round and at the end of this is more boulders and in the summer months is full of wrasse then retrace your steps back to the pipes from there South-East takes you to the gully. 

Air & Nitrox:   local dive club can provide air fills (orca diving club) message through Facebook.

Site Hazards: rough rocky/boulder access and difficult exit if there is a swell.

Nearest Public phone: To Follow

Mobile Network service: To Follow

Accommodation: The Davron Hotel

Other comments:

Pub: Masons Arms as you enter Rosehearty opposite the golf course and the Bay hotel in the main square.

Cafe: None close to here so take what you need.

Created by: Angela Robson

Date: 13/5/2010

Revision: 2

Thanks To: Graeme Buchan and James Lynott, Orca dive club


Surface Photos: To Follow

Underwater Photos:  By James Lynott  Utube   Utube  Utube

Rosehearty Large boulder wedged in the gullyRosehearty Large boulder wedged in the gullyRosehearty gullyRosehearty diver in gully

Dive Map: By C Rickard

Rosehearty Sketch

Dive Report: Angela Robson 18/8/11 We jumped in and surface swam to the end of the gulley before descending down. The vis was amazing! I have had good days at Rosehearty before, but this was different, it was probably about 15+metres. It was dusk, so the there was low light. You couldn't move for life. There were common lobsters, squat lobsters, partens, velvet swimmers, spider crabs, nudibranchs (the tiny ones), shoals of Saithe, a rather large cod, Ling, an enormous Tadpole fish, scorpion fish,

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