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Salen pier at low tide

Alternative Names: Salen Pier, Isle of Mull 

Type of Dive: Salen Pier is an interesting shore dive around and under the pier.  Webcam

Suggested experience: All grades.

Travel directions: Follow the A849 towards Tobermoray when you reach Salen turn right and follow the road to the pier. Google

Parking directions: Ample parking for residents of the House and Lodge passed the cattle grid and parking for visitors near the old pier so just park considerately.

Distance from Tobermory: 11 Miles 18 Mins

Lat & Long: 56.524477,-5.94105  Postcode PA72 6JJ  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 10m – best done at high tide

Site entry/exit: Enter the water by walking down the small rock beach to the left of the pier facing the sea. 

Salen pier

Underwater directions: Swim out at the end of the pier it suddenly drops to 8m and it is here there is most life. There is a rock and concrete base to support the end of the pier and this covered with life. Initially, there seems to be very little but on further examination, you will find some well-concealed scorpionfish, nudibranchs, cup corals, sea squirts, and tiny sea stars. Going to the left or right of the pier there are rocks, some covered with kelp with a few crabs etc, but not a great deal of life. Swimming straight out there is little but the flattened kelp on the seabed hints at the speed of the currents that rush down here, so something to beware of. This is not a fantastic site in comparison to many but for someone who likes small marine life or the macro photographer, there is plenty here.

Air & Nitrox:  highlandbasecamp Tobermory Harbour

Site Hazards: Currents see above

Nearest Public phone: Contact me

Mobile Network service: Vodafone, O2 and Orange work well.

Accommodation: Salen Pier House   

Other comments: The pier is privately owned by Peter and Susanne who have Salen Pier House which sleeps 13 and 4 in the Lodge. The pier has a gate across it and has been extensively renovated. The slipway is private and non-residents should contact Peter and Susanne in advance. Residents of the House or Lodge have free access.

Pub: Glenforsa Hotel   The Mishnish


Created By: Jane Wilkinson

Revision: 2

Thanks To: Peter and Susanne of Salen pier house.

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Date: Dec 2010

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Underwater Photos: Contact me

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