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Scotnish Hole

Alternative Names: Scotnish Anchor Wall

Type of Dive: Shore dive in Loch Sween

Suggested experience: Ocean Diver

Travel directions: From Glasgow: 100 Miles 2hrs 20 Mins. Take the A83 out towards Lochgilphead. Turn right onto the A861 then left onto the B841 travelling along beside the Crinan canal. Turn left onto the B8025 towards Tayvallich. The site is about 1.2 miles from the head of Coal Scotnish. Google

Parking directions: At the roadside, room for two cars with precision parking Google map

Scotnish Hole parking

Lat & Long: 56°02.284'N, 5°35.738'W  Google map

Tides: Tide tables 

Depth: Charts suggest down to about 16m, but have not found more than 11m. The good stuff is in only 4m.

Site entry/exit: Directly behind the parking there is a track down to the water's edge.

Scotnish Hole entry/exit

Underwater directions: Heading out on a bearing around 110 you will swim over mud covered with brittle stars scattered around. Swim for a couple of minutes over anemones sticking out of the mud and rocks will come into sight, head towards these and drop over the small 4m wall and follow in a South West direction this will take you into the narrows and onto the maerl beds. I’ve found the far side of the narrows the more interesting with boulders.

Air & Nitrox:  Crinan boatyard have a compressor

Site Hazards: Boats and jetski’s overhead -recommend the use of an SMB. Currents.

Nearest Public phone: None close to here.

Mobile Network service:

Accommodation: Camping –  Leachive caravan park

Other comments: Shallow dive, but one packed with a lot of marine life. The road runs beside the narrows. Can be done as a drift dive.

Pub:  The Tayvalich Inn

Cafe: None close to here so take everything you need.

Created by: Nathan Jeffery

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Surface Photos: By Nathan Jeffery

Underwater Photos: By Nathan Jeffery

Brittle starDiver

Scotnish Hole6

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