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Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Selsey is a good shallow dive around the remains on the old Lifeboat Boathouse, a landing craft and a small reef.

Suggested Experience: Novice in good conditions.

Travel directions:

Parking directions: There is free Parking along Kingsway and a few spaces around the corner in Albion Rd. Please do not park at the Lifeboat Station entrance.

Lat & Long: 50.727194, -0.778854  Postcode  PO20 0DL  Google

Tides: Tide tables  Its best to dive at slack water due to strong cross-currents here, dive 3 hours before and 4 hours after high water.

Depth: 8m Max

Site entry/exit: Its a simple walk down the beach into the water, putting your fins on in the water.  the ideal time to enter the water was 3.5 hrs before OR 3.5 after.  After high water tended to give better vis.

Underwater directions: The Lifeboat Boathouse including the remains of the previous Boathouse have now been removed but there is still bits of it and a landing craft and a small reef covered in soft corals and sponges including jewel and snake-locks anemones and dead men’s fingers. You can see bib, pouting, wrasse, bass, lobsters, crabs, shellfish, conger eels, cuttlefish, blennies, pipefish, seahorses, rays and skate all over this dive site.

Air & Nitrox:  Mulberry divers

Site Hazards: Boat Traffic and both lifeboats so Surface Marker Buoys should be used at all times.


Nearest Public phone: The Lifeboat Inn

Mobile Network service: Most networks work well here.

Accommodation: Plenty of places to stay in Selsey.

Other comments: There are Public Toilets on the seawall adjacent to the Lifeboat Station. Also, please don't dive in front of a slipway as boats using the slip can get into trouble avoiding divers.

Pub: The Lifeboat Inn

Cafe: None close to here.

Version: 2

Thanks To: Andrew Willett for the updated tide times

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Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 18/9/18

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