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Selwick Bay

Alternative Names: Silex or Flamborough head

Type of Dive: Selwick Bay is a great shore dive in good conditions with plenty sealife to see and interesting kelp topped gullies and white sand seabed.

Suggested Experience: Ocean diver 

Travel directions: Flamborough Head is found just north-east of Bridlington. Take the B1255 from Bridlington or the B1229 (Flamborough Road) from Scarborough. Go right through the village of Flamborough and take the Lighthouse Road to Flamborough Head.

Parking directions: There is plenty of parking spaces at the lighthouse. park as close to the lighthouse as you can but not in the restricted area.

Selwick Bay parking

Lat & Long:  54.118063, -0.081312  Postcode YO15 1AR  Google

Tides:  Tide tables   Selwick Bay is 30 minutes after Whitby. It's best to dive at high tide as it saves walking across the seaweed.

Depth: 6-10m

Site entry/exit: The path and stairs are not for the faint-hearted so travel light if you can. At the bottom of the path head for the cliff on the right and enter the water here.

Selwick Bay entry/exitSelwick Bay entry/exit

Underwater directions: Heading out with the cliff on your right fin in and around the rocky outcrops heading for the point. Dont go past the point unless you have slack water as you have to exit in the same place you entered because it's near impossible to get up the cliff on the other side.

Air & Nitrox:  Proscuba    Above and below

Site Hazards:  Currents at the head of the bay. Take care leaving the water if there is a swell, it's easy to get knocked over.

Nearest Public phone: Headlands restaurant

Mobile Network service:

Accommodation: Cameron court

Other comments: Flamborough Head Lighthouse built in 1806 is open to the public with short guided tours. You can climb the 119 steps to its top to see magnificent panoramic views over the coastline, Nearby is the original lighthouse of 1669.

Pub:  Headlands restaurant   and in Flamborough

Cafe: Headlands restaurant    Cliffend Cafe Tel 01262 850671

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Date: 21/2/19

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