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Shakespeare beach

Alternative Names: Shakey beach

Type of Dive: Shore dive from a shingle beach along the harbour arm in Dover

Suggested Experience: Open Water Diver

Travel directions:  From the A2 onto the Jubilee Way A20 first left at Limekiln Roundabout to the viaduct road and park.

Parking directions: Park in the car park at Harbour shipping  Google  It can get very busy at holidays. Its 65 meters from the car park to the water.

Lat & Long:  51.114040, 1.313091  Postcode CT17 9EQ    Google

Tides: Tide tables   

Depth: 12m

Site entry/exit: Enter and exit from the beach at the wall, it's quite steep and when there is a surge enter and exit holding onto the wall.

Shakespeare beach entry/exit

Underwater directions:  Dive along near the bottom looking in all nooks and cranny's of the wall and turn back when you reach the steps and fin back a little higher in the water.

Air & Nitrox:  Mutiny Diving    Kentscuba

Site Hazards: Surge and silt in the bay.

Nearest Public phone: 

Mobile Network service: Most networks work here.


Other comments:  There are currents that can pull along the wall and out to the sea. If you head out into the bay it can get silty so good buoyancy is required.

Pub: There are no pubs close to here.

Cafe: Motis

Version: 1

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Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 1/7/18

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