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Ardentinny shore dive5

Name: Ardentinny: Shepherd’s Point

Type of Dive: Shore dive on gentle sand/silt slope with rocky reef in the shallows.

Suggested experience: A good site for training or experience building for newer divers. Also good for

depth progression as it shelved off steeply further out.

Travel directions: From Hunter’s Quay (Western Ferries) turn right onto A815 (signed Sandbank & Strachur) and follow
road to T-junction at Holy Loch Marina. Turn right (signed Glasgow, Kilmun) and follow road for
about 2.5 miles then turn right onto A880 (signed). Follow A880 for about 8.5 miles then turn right
just after Glenfinart Caravan Park (look for Forestry Commission sign) and follow road to picnic site.
From Glasgow (avoiding ferries)
A82 A83 A815 A880 (as above)

Parking directions: Please park in marked bays and not on the grass. There is parking for over 30 cars

.Ardentinny shore dive4


Lat & Long - 056 03’ 22” N 004 54’ 15” W Google map

Tides: Accessible at all states of tide. Use Greenock HW/LW

Depth: 8m max on rocky reef. Slope goes to 30m plus and easy to pick depth.

Site entry/exit: Access at NE of beach across shingle and sand (far end from car park entry). Exit at
same point.

Ardentinny kitting upentry

Underwater directions: If you want more depth, head straight out from the shore in a SSE direction
and down the slope. The deeper you go, the siltier the slope gets. Not an abundance of life down
here but have spotted fireworks anemones, lots of crabs, razor shells, muscles, cat shark (dogfish),
green urchin, squat lobster, long-clawed squat lobster, sand goby, burrowing anemone, slender sea
pen (15 – 17m).
more. Keep the shore on your left until you wish to go shallower until you reach the reef around 8m
depending on state of tide. Turn and keep the rocks on your right. There is lots to be seen here from
deadmans fingers and plumnose anemones in the tidal sections, nudibranchs, edible crabs, hydroids,
wrasse and pollock and sometimes mackerel. Once the rocks stop, you will find yourself near the
little stream where you entered, and see the brackish water around. This is where you head straight
for the shore.

Air/Nitrox – Air available from Wreckspeditions Dive Charters (Dunoon PA23 8FE)

Site hazards: popular site for kayak &; SUP launching, occasional yachts anchor off. Suggest use of
DSMB on ascent or if training in shallows in middle of the bay. Popular for fishing, lots of line on the

Nearest Public Phone – Ardentinny (1 mile)

Mobile network – most work here fine

Accommodation – You can camp in the car park (fee for parking overnight), there is Glenfinnart
Caravan Park nearby. Air BNB also have options nearby. Largest town is Dunoon where there are
various options.

Other comments: Facilities: public toilets on site, an AED, picnic tables, plenty of car parking.
Exposed to straight Southerly winds. If any submarine exercises going on, you may be asked by MOD
to not enter the water.

Ardentinny shore dive3

Pub/cafe: Ardentinny Bar Restaurant (1 mile). Strone Inn (8 miles) Strone Café 8 miles

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Thanks to Al Black & jason Coles from Dunoon Divers


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Date: 25/08/2023

Surface photos;  Jason Coles

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