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Sheringham Gullies

Alternative names: Sheringham chalk gullies.

Type of Dive: Shore dive in the famous chalk gullies

Suggested experience: Trainee and upwards

Distance from Norwich:27 Miles and 50 Mins Google map

Parking directions: Park in the spaces facing the sea if you are diving from the Esplanade, or in the car park at cliff lane.

Sheringham gullies parking  

Lat & Long: N52.94568, E1.214263 Postcode NR26 8ZZ The gullies lie between the East of Sheringham and the east of Weybourne

Tides Tide tables  (Using Cromer East of England) Don't dive at high or low tide, but on the slack, which is an hour after low and two after high!


Site entry/exit: Easy entry-exit walking down the beach straight out from the Esplanade or Cliff Lane car parks.

Path down to the sea

Underwater directions: Surface swim straight out from the beach at the breakwater about 40m drop down and head north-west. The main reef is 400m out from the beach. Return to the same place to exit or straight to the shore and walk back to the esplanade or cliff lane.

Air & Nitrox:  Cristal seas   

Site Hazards: Vis here is very weather dependent, and can drop to zero immediately after onshore winds, but remaining clear into the Autumn if SW winds continue.

Nearest Public phone: In the town

Mobile Network service: Most networks work here.

Accommodation: To Follow

Other comments: The seabed here is sand and gravel with the best of the chalk reefs 400m offshore. Don't forget to use the comments at the bottom of the page.

Pub: The crown inn

Cafe:  The submarine

Created By: Rob Spray

Date: 5/6/12  

Revision: 1

Thanks To:  1townhouses and Frogman for info and pictures and Dawn Watson for the tidal info.

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Surface Photos: 

Underwater Photos: Images below Copyright 2010 Rob Spray

Sheringham gulliesSheringham gulliesSheringham Gullies2aSheringham Gullies

Dive Map: Not Required here.

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