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Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Shore dive at Brixham

Suggested experience: Not a dive for novices.

Travel directions: Enter Brixham on the A3022 and follow signs for the harbour. As you approach the harbour front, take a sharp right at the junction into The Strand opposite the tourist information office and the Golden Hind, then follow sharp left into King Street, which rises above the harbour and takes you onto Berry Head Road. Just past the breakwater, turn off down the ramp on your left. This leads past the Breakwater Beach car park and turn left further along Berry Head Road into the Shoalstone car park, which is signposted.

Parking directions:  Shoalstone car park

Lat & Long: N50.402815 W-3.499725  Postcode TQ5 9AH  Google

Tides: Tide tables  You do have to be careful about the tidal current here, which on a dropping tide will pull you eastwards towards Berry Head, not where you want to be! Slack water is an hour either side of high tide. Should you be taken too far eastwards, there is an easy exit point below the terrace of the Berry Head Hotel. From there it’s about a 250m walk back to the car park.

Depth: 16m

Site entry/exit: From the car park, head down the steps and back underneath the toilet block, off the concrete ledge down onto the rocks beside the Shoalstone Seawater Pool.

Shoalstone entry/exit

Underwater directions: From the rocky shore it’s probably best to surface swim the first 50 yards or so just to get you over the worst of the kelp before you descend. Heading north will take you out over a gradually descending reef of rocky outcrops. The reef will come to an end in about 16m of water and you’ll be swimming over a sandy/muddy bottom At any point while heading north over the reef you can choose to turn left (west) or right (east) to follow it along the coast rather than heading out further over the mud. The deeper reef also has Boring Sponge, Plumose Anemones and Common Starfish dotted around. If your navigation is up to scratch you should have plenty of time to explore this reef system

Site Hazards: Currents and boats. Watch out for broken lines with hooks as it is very popular with anglers.

Nearest Public phone: Contact me

Mobile Network service:  Most work well here.

Accommodation: In the middle of Brixham so plenty of accommodation Brixham Holiday Home Woodlands Guest House

Other comments:  This dive site is sheltered from all winds from the south and west, but are exposed to strong winds from the north through to the east. Extreme Marine webcam can give some information about weather conditions - WEBCAM  You can also dive Brixham breakwater only 2 min drive from here.

Pub: In the middle of Brixham so plenty

Cafe: Breakwater Bistro

Air & Nitrox:  Teign Diving Centre  Brixham dive shack

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Created by: Iain Third

Date: 3/2/10

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