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Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: The Sleets is a Scenic Shore dive south of Lerwick.

Suggested Experience: Novice/Open water

Travel directions: Head down the A969 to the south of Lerwick until it becomes Scalloway Road, Sletts Road is a small road turning off this.

Parking directions: There is plenty of room to park on the gravel road above the bay.

Lat & Long: 60:09:04N 1:09:01W  Postcode ZE1 ODD  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth:  25m The bay does go deeper but it is just sand and I didn’t investigate further than about 

Site entry/exit: Clamber down the rocks that rim the edge of the bay and use the concrete slip to don fins and enter the water. This can get slippery at low tide so probably better done at high tide

Underwater directions: Swim straight out keeping over to the left of the bay where the sandy bottom is littered with hundreds of discarded razor shells. Soon you come to some large rocky outcrops about 7-12 m that are covered in kelp. In places where these are not thick, you can elbow your way in watching the antics of the little harbour crabs as they literally scramble over the heads of the slightly larger and less volatile shore crabs. Pale pink urchins are dotted here and there and the beautiful stubby tentacles of large dahlia anemones beckon. Finning out a little deeper the sand is populated once again by dozens of hermit crabs and sand gobies.

Air & Nitrox:  Malkoff Ltd  here are often other dive boats around that would help out I am sure. Other than that contact the local dive club Zetland SAC  Tel 01806 588261

Site Hazards:

Nearest Public phone:

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation: Lots of places for wild camping around Shetland and registered sites.

Other comments:

Pub: Lerwick Hotel

Cafe: None close to here so take everything you need.

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Links: Shetland marine life     Shetland sub-aqua club

Created by: Jane Wilkinson

Date: 28/8/09

Surface Photos:     By Jane Wilkinson

Underwater Photos: By Jane Wilkinson



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