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Alternative Names:  None

Type of Dive: Wreck dive from the shore.

Suggested experience: Capable novice

Travel directions: Google

Parking directions: In the pay and display car park Google When you park here you want to be in the North West corner (flooding permitting), beside one of the sets of steps up onto the beach; these are handy to kit up on and cleaner than the dusty car park.

Distance from Norwich: 30 Miles  55 Min's

Lat & Long: 052o 57.101' N  001o 07.997 E   Google

Tides: Tide tables Best dived slack which is nominally 1 1/2 hours after low and 2 1/2 hours after high BST or an hour more GMT. 

Depth: 4 - 9m Can be seen at low tide.

Site entry/exit: The SS Rosalie is about 450m to the West of the car park. At low tide stick to the lower parts of the beach if you can, as these are denser and easier to walk along. At high tide, the top of the 'cliff' is easier. Head 'straight out' from the tarmac area by the tank track or pointed 'cliff' edge nearby and swim out until the Weybourne windmill is in line with the start of the 'cliff' you may have walked up at the back of the beach. It is broadly speaking due North from the beach. She lies 120m from the shore.

Underwater directions: The Rosalie is now spread over a large area. There is no superstructure left erect and the opened hull extends more than 20m either side of the keel in places. The boilers, engine and prop shaft have all remained in place and are the obvious circuit for a first dive. The engine is 3-4m long and its remains rise 8m from the seabed. The twin boilers are each 4m long, 4m round and lie inshore of the engine - there are only low hull ribs and plating further in - though it is covered in life all the way to the curved stump of the bow. Aft of the engine the prop shaft runs back for 60m still supported 1.5m from the plate covered seabed. Halfway along you will find a propeller, it might seem an odd place to find one but this is the iron spare and so wasn't fitted or salvaged.

Air & Nitrox:  scuba4me 

Site Hazards: Breaking surf can make getting back out the water dangerous and if you have a camera it will get damaged,

Nearest Public phone: Weybourne

Mobile Network service: To Follow


Other comments: The SS Rosalie been adopted as part of the Nautical archaeology society's adopt a wreck initiative.

Pub: The Pheasant hotel 

Cafe: None

Created by:  Finstrokes

Date: 10/12/10

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Thanks To:  Rob Spray and  1townhouses


Surface Photos: To Follow

Underwater Photos: By Pete  Utube  More pictures

SS Rosalie wreckageSS Rosalie wreckageSS Rosalie wreckageplumose anemones

Dive Map: To Follow

Dive Report:  M Yates 20 July 13. Vis 2 - 3m Temp 18oC Dive time 87 minutes  Kitted up in the large pay and display car park, before walking down the steep shingle beach. Walked halfway to the wreck before walking into the sea and drifting towards the wreck. Timed this perfectly to arrive just on slack water. Descended down past the remains of the engines and boilers before heading out to sea roughly following the prop shaft to the stern. The wreck is still covered in anemones. And there were plenty of edible crabs about. Did a couple of circuits of the wreckage which is mostly flattened plates, apart from the boilers and the prop shaft which still stands proud on its supports, and further back the steering mechanism is still standing upright. There is also a couple of mooring bollards to the stern.

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