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SS Shuna

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: The SS Shuna is a shore dive on a Glasgow screw Steamer of 1426 tons with a cargo of coal and iron on route from Glasgow to Gothenburg, which hit the Grey Rocks in the middle of the Sound of Mull.

Suggested Experience: This is a dive for experienced fit divers with the right dive gear. 

Travel directions: Lochaline follow the A82 Glasgow to Fort William road as far as the turnoff marked Corran Ferry, 8 miles south-west of Fort William. As you leave the ferry, turn left onto the A861 following the signs for Strontian. Turn left off the A861 just before Strontian for the A884, signposted to Lochaline. From Lochaline its 6.1 miles to the site.

Parking directions: There is room for two cars at the passing place if you park sensibly and leave room for cars to pass.

Shuna 2

Lat & Long: 56.55667,-5.91333  Nearest Postcode PA34 5XU Google

Tides: Tide tables    The wreck is subject to currents which typically run NW/SE at speeds of less than half a knot and is diveable at all states of the tide.

Depth: 32m

Site entry/exit: From the shore, surface swim out to the bouy (97m) Comming back hug the seabed to avoid currents.

Shuna entry/exit

Underwater directions: The wreck is upright and the bows point SE, parallel to the shore. Care must be taken as this is a silty wreck and a careless fin kick can reduce the viz dramatically. Some divers called this dive the shity shuna because of the silt so take care. 

Air & Nitrox:    highlandbasecamp 

Site Hazards: This is a dive that requires planning and gas to last 70 mins + Deco.

Nearest Public phone:     highlandbasecamp

Mobile Network service: 

Accommodation:  highlandbasecamp

Other comments: If you have not dived this wreck its best to dive with somebody that has, as its a tough dive or dive it from a boat first.

Pub: Lochaline social club at the east pier 

Cafe:  On the east pier  This is great for snacks and coffee.


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Created by: John Nicolson

Date: 20/3/20

Surface Photos:  John Nicolson

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