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Type of Dive: Stallion rock is a wall dive on a small rock just 3m from the shore on Loch Fyne.

Travel directions: Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Tarbet onto the A83, through Arrochar and over the rest and be thankful and through Inveraray turn left into Furnace Village' Drive past the Furnace Inn and past Furnace quarry about a mile looking for a track bearing off to the right at the bottom of a hill, and before Kenmore Village. This is a rough track and can knock seven bells out of your car, a 4x4 is better. 

Parking directions: As this is not an access road you can park on the road and the in shot to the right looking at the sea. Remember to leave room for other cars to leave and clean up, do not leave any litter here.

Distance from Glasgow: 69 Miles1 hr 53 Mins Google

Lat & Long56.161000, -5.134750  Postcode PA32 8XW  Google

Tides:  Tide tables

Site entry/exit: Walk down through the trees to the shore (about 60 meters ) Stallion rock is to the left of you. it breaks the surface except on high tide. The depth between the shore and stallion rock is 2m and the cliff face is on the other side. It can be tiring getting back up the track. if you're not fit, forget doing this dive site from the shore.

Stallion rock pathStallion rock entry/exitStallion rock entry/exit 

Enter at red spot Fin over to the rock

Underwater directions: Enter the water with Stallion rock on the left and fin on the surface to the rock and dive with the rock on you left. The depth at the bottom is 37m with a silt to boulder slope on your right. Head along at your chosen depth and come back heading diagonally upwards heading for the entry/exit point.

Site Hazards: Long walk to water, remote, Depth.

Suggested experience: Experienced sport diver

Nearest Public phone: Furnace Inn

Mobile Network service: Orange (weak signal)

Other comments: Long treck down and up from the water. Very good cliff face with a crack along the bottom with big fish and eels sleeping here.

Air & Nitrox: Aquatron  Splashsports

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Pub: Furnace Inn / The George Hotel (Inveraray)

Created by: John Nicolson

Date: 25/04/07

Thanks To:

Land photos: John Nicolson

Underwater photos: John Nicolson

Stallion rock underwaterStallion rock underwater

Underwater map:

Dive Report: DJ Diver, Nov 07 Had a thorough cardiac workout yesterday at Stallion Rock!! The dives were quite good too. Just as well Dave T had his Range Rover, wouldn't have wanted to risk my car on that track!

Dive 1 - Incoming tide, the rocks make entry very tricky. Bit of chop on the surface so got right under and headed out to top of the reef. Drifted down reef face to 32m and continued along. The first thing we saw was a huge red/orange ballen wrasse - never seen one so big before, followed closely by a big cod, just sitting in its hole. Further on we found lovely soft corals and anemones. After 15 mins we ascended to 17m and found a nice conger in its hole. It wasn't giving us any chance to look at it or get pics, it slid right back into the rock and didn't come out. Continued a gentle ascent to 7m - squat lobster, blennies and hermit crab by the dozen. Exited after 34 mins. Met two other divers who had braved the elements, the road and the 'heart attack' hill to make the dive  Surface interval of 1 hr 10 mins and we were off for the second dive

Dive 2 - Tide pretty well in, rocks still as tricky but not so far to get to the water. The wind had picked up considerably and the water was quite choppy on top by this time. On the descent, we went further left before dropping off to the rock face. Amazing how much life is on this reef, something at every level. Some nice little mini caves near the bottom, that go back 2 metres or so. Again ballen wrasse and cod around, also a nice shoal of pollack 5m above us, very atmospheric against what surface light there was. I opted to stay between 25 and 29m and found a range of anemones and tube worms. Got down to 8 mins 'no-stop' time on the computer and came up to about 15m. On way up found another conger who did stay still for a couple of pics but turned sideways. Seemed to be a reasonable size though. Between 12 and 6m found a huge number of shrimp just sitting in little crevices. Safety stop completed. Just as tricky an exit as entry. Two very good and enjoyable dives. Getting the kit back up to the car was undoubtedly the hardest part. That hill really saps the energy. Just as well the dives are worth it, don't know if I would do it for anything less. Anyway, think I'll go back sometime! 

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