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Stonefield reef

Alternative Name(s): Tarbet Isle, Barmore.

Travel directions: Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Tarbet onto the A83, through Arrochar and over the rest and be thankful and through Inveraray and Lochgilphead turning left into the grounds of Stonefield castle hotel.

Parking directions: Park cars at the back of the hotel down the path towards  the sea 

Distance from Glasgow: 99 Miles  2 hrs  23 Mins Google

Lat & Long: N55.890499  W-5.408063   Postcode PA29 6YJ  Google             

Site entry/exits: The entry and exit are not easy, to say the least, and a 4x4 is essential to get to the seaward side of Barmore. I would recommend you dive this site from a boat.                        

Underwater directions: Enter the water at the north of Barmore and snorkel to a metal spike 60m from the shore at the Arran III on the u/w map drop down and explore the cliff and plates on the seabed.

Air & Nitrox: Quebec marine services   

Site Hazards: Long walk and snorkel to and from dive sites.

Suggested experience: Experienced sport diver 

Nearest Public phone: Stonefield hotel 

Mobile Network service: To Follow 

Other comments: A metal spike sticks out the water at the reef beside the Arran, it's a small wreck but There is still a lot of wreckage to explore, even if it is covered with kelp in the summer months. Finning aft to the stern, the wreck gradually takes shape. Lifeboat davits and mooring bollards are clearly visible. The Margaret Niven--- From the post on the reef head down to 25m and head straight out for 10-15m and you will see the Margaret Niven in 29m Its rises only 1.5m above the seabed except for the boiler. On the bow, there is a set of large winches and bollards. After that, the hold opened and the cargo of road chippings was clearly visible. At the stern, the main points of interest were a large boiler with a tiny one-cylinder engine directly behind it. Then over the stern and down 1.5m to the small prop and the rudder.The dive on the Margaret Niven takes 10 mins so head back to the reef because it's teeming with life. This area is known for pipefish and edible crabs The Chevalier---(details to follow )

Margaret Niven 55.8948, -005.4066 or 55°53'41.3"N 5°24'23.8"W

Accommodation: In Tarbet Springside B+B  


Pub: Stonefield hotel   

Created by: John Nicolson 

Date: 25/04/07  

Thanks To: Robert Burgess Fyne Pioneer

Land photos: To Follow 

Underwater photos: To Follow

Underwater map: By John Nicolson

Stonefield reef dive map

Dive Report: Mikey b  23/1/11  Dropped in next to a drying reef just off Barmore Island and descended a steep bedrock slope covered in orange Cushion Stars, reaching a sand and shingle bottom at 24m littered with scallops and huge 7-armed stars.After 20 minutes or so we located a steel line running from the reef out across the bottom to the wreck, which is a fairly intact puffer sitting upright. We explored it for a while, the large winches were still intact and covered in feather stars. After this, we headed back to the reef

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