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Swanage pier

Alternative Names: None. In September 1994 a Swanage Pier Trust was formed with the aim of renovating the Pier. The Trust took over an 80% interest in the Company and became responsible for the day by day running of the Pier. divers have to pay £2.00 towards the pier upkeep.

Type of Dive: Shore dive that can be dived at any state of the tide. 

Suggested experience: Sport diver, open water, Novice and upwards. 

Travel directions: Google

Parking directions: There is long-term parking on the pier which costs £9 per day £4.00 from 13:00 hrs.
or broad road pay and display up the hill. Google You have to get here early to get parked on the pier.

Distance from Southampton: 52 Miles 1 hr 30 mins

Lat & Long: N50.609239  W-1.949751  Postcode  BH19 2AW  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Dive boats:  Divers down

Wrecks:  Kyarra 

Depth: 4-5m 

Site entry/exit: From the beach in front of the yacht club, Stride entry at the landing stage halfway along the pier beside the toilets or the high jump from the end of the pier.

Swannage pierSwannage pier entry/exit 

Underwater directions: The posts of the pier posts are covered in barnacles and kelp. The seabed is clear with sand patches, rocks and pebbles. Close to the pier it is scattered with junk ranging from heavy girders to old benches. 

Site Hazards: A lot of people fish off the pier. An SMB is recommended if you dive away from underneath the pier because of the boats. 

Nearest Public phone: 

Mobile Network service: All Networks 

Accommodation: Caravan Park   Hotels

Other comments: There is plenty of life here Cuttlefish, Tompot blenny, Wrasse, Gobi, John Dory, Squid, Grey mullet, Black-faced Blenny. The new pier is a better dive than the old pier, but if it's crowded it might be a better choice. 

Pub:  The white swan

Created by: Daniel Taylor  

Cafe: There is a small shop on the pier that opens between 9 am and 5 pm that can provide teas, coffees, sausage rolls, pasties etc. 

Air & Nitrox: Teign Diving Centre

Date: 12/12/09 

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Surface Photos:  Sue Watson-Bate

Underwater Photos: By Daniel Taylor, Alex Tattersall and Scott Rico

Tompot blennyswanage pier3Swannage pierUnder Swannage pier

Underwater video  Utube

Dive Map:  Not required 

Dive Report:  Jane Wilkinson  24/1/10  Excellent dive with loads to see. Most people use the steps halfway along the pier to enter the water, particularly good if you have trainees and they can take their time putting fins on at the bottom. I know Daniel has said you can dive it any state of the tide and you can, but it can get rather shallow, particularly on neaps. So aim nearer high tide for a bit more depth, particularly if you have trainees who may struggle with buoyancy. Don't bother if easterlies blowing as the viz is shite. 

Dive Report:  Illiad 24/3/10  Change of plan as we decided to dive Swanage pier instead of Vobsters. We arrived at 0740 the gates to the pier were locked until 0910 where we paid £4 for the car and £2 for my bike plus £2 pp to dive from the pier (these were winter rates for parking which normally costs £6). As we were first on site we had our choice of parking, we decided to park at our exit point, by the stairs and toilets "ideal". Divers Down is the local dive centre with a shop and providing Training, Refills and Boat Charter they are also ideally located on the pier. Other facilities on the pier include M/F toilets with a shower which needs a Token to operate, this can be purchased at the entrance to the pier, finally there is a Cafe which was closed during our visit, "no problem" as Swanage town centre itself is a very short walk from the pier and has ample Cafe's and Pubs etc.... The dive started with lugging our kit part of the way up the pier where entry can be gained via a platform and stairs (There are trolleys available to help with transporting the dive kit needless to say I discovered these after the dive "idiot"). The dive was poor due to lack of vis 1m max and no sea life to be found but we have all had days like this I guess? Speaking to locals I was promised that it only gets better from now on. I will certainly return and dive here again and hope for better conditions. The weekend I was informed gets very busy in summer with cars queuing from 0530 to gain access also it is worthwhile noting that there is not a lot of room for parking on the pier.

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