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Trefin cove

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: It's a shallow shore dive (2-5m)

Suggested Experience: Trainee upwards.

Travel directions: From Swansea Get on M4 from the B4489 thru Carmarthen then M4, A48 and A40 to Letterston then follow signs to Trefin.

Parking directions: There is parking for six cars at the top of the path

.Trefin cove entry/exit

Lat & Long:   51.949502, -5.155605  Postcode SA62 5AY    google map

Tides: Tide tables   Best dived at HW as access can be tricky at low water (slippery rocks and seaweed)

Depth: .5m max

Site entry/exit: Walk down the stairs onto the path down to the stony beach (155m)

Trefin cove entry/exitTrefin cove entry/exit

Underwater directions: Head North towards the rock islands and explore that area. There is a tunnel swim through the large island. Rock gullies interspersed with grey sand, large boulders.

Air & Nitrox:  WWDC  Dive in2 Pembrokeshire

Site Hazards: Some surge and light currents possible. Also swells.

Nearest Public phone: Nearest phone is in Trefin.

Mobile Network service: Contact me


Other comments: Cove faces W. Around to the right (N) there is a rock island with a tunnel through the middle (you can walk through it at low tide). Bottom features include large rocks, gullies, kelp and other seaweeds, flat rock beds and gritty grey sand. Likely fauna includes various species of crab, jellyfish, wrasse, pollack, sand eels, grey mullet, anemones.

Pub: The Ship Inn in Trefin.


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Created by: Debra Kelbrick

Date: 4/8/20

Surface Photos: Debra Kelbrick

Underwater Photos: Debra Kelbrick

Trefin coveTrefin cove

Underwater video: Contact me

Dive sitemap: Debra Kelbrick

Trefin cove dive map

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