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trefor pier1

Alternative Names: None still called Trefor pier after it's been demolished. 

Type of Dive: Trefor pier is a shore dive where the old wooden pier used to be.

Suggested Experience: This is a lovely dive site for all divers, from complete novices to photographers and divers who enjoy wildlife.

Travel directions: From Caernarfon, drive along the A499, signposted Pwllheli, for about ten miles, shortly after driving through Clynnog Fawr the village of Trefor is signposted. Turn right and as you approach a small green (with a big glass bus stop) follow the signs on the right for Traeth (Beach), follow the narrow road between the houses to the beach at the bottom of the hill. It is a narrow road, so be prepared to move over for cars coming up the hill!

Parking directions: Parking is not usually allowed on the breakwater unless it’s very quiet (the warden will sometimes let you get away with it) but you can unload the dive kit and park the car in the nearby car park, where there are also toilets and an emergency telephone. Google

Parking at trefor pier

Lat & Long:  N53.000284 W-4.422212 Postcode LL54 5LB  Google

Tides: Tide Tables  1 hour before HW at Trefor

Site entry/exit: Kit up on the breakwater, by the picnic tables, unless you’re diving on low tide the steps here lead straight into the water (If you are diving on low tide, you’ll have to walk out along the bottom of the breakwater wall and put your fins on when you get to water!) 

Underwater directions:  It is a case of compass work now - nice and simply North out, south home. There are a few rotted pier legs on the seabed, with lots of life attached, although the majority have been cleared away. Some cobbles and pebbles - good for a little mooch. Swim back to the harbour wall and ascend or follow the wall back underwater - take care as usually kids crabbing!

Air & Nitrox: You don’t really need nitrox fills for this! In fact, you hardly need air! You can get air fills from Anglesey Divers or Vivian Dive Centre in Llanberis. (Or if you’re really nice to me I’ve got a compressor………..)

Site Hazards: Keep a lookout for any fishermen - they will cast their rods directly out there now and you don't have the protection of the pier anymore.

Nearest Public phone: In the car park.

Mobile Network service: I get good Vodafone coverage.

Accommodation:  Contact me

Other comments:  Use an SMB if there are fishermen about.

Pub: The nearest decent pub for me would be the Newborough Arms in Bontnewydd, on the way back to Caernarfon, good food at a decent price, but there are plenty all along the Pwllheli road.

Cafe: None near here so take everything you need.

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Thanks To:  Wendy Northway for the new dive info.

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Created by: Leigh Grubb

Date: 17.10.2007

Surface Photos:     

U/Water Photos: Bill Seddon and Paul Smith New pictures will be added soon

Under the pierDiver under the pierLobsterspider crab

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