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Walpole tidal pool

Alternative Names:  Walpole bay

Type of Dive: Walpole tidal pool is a protected sea swimming pool which is also used for Snorkeling and diving. There is Lots of marine life ..Jewel anemones, Crab, Squat lobster, Lobster, Oyster and various transient fish that have to wait for the high tide so they can leave.

Suggested Experience:  Novice to U/W photographer

Travel directions: Head east on the M2 then A299 to Margate along Marine Drive to the Eastern Esplanade to the sea.  Google

Parking directions:  Park in the Hodges gap Promanade car park at the far end.

Walpole tidal pool car park

Lat & Long:  51.393162, 1.404180  Postcode CT9 2JJ   Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 3-4m

Site entry/exit: Its a very easy walk down the ramp down the stairs into the water as in the picture below.

Walpole tidal pool entry/exitWalpole tidal pool stairs

Underwater directions: Its a big pool so just explore, best parts are further out at crazy 3-4m depths

Air & Nitrox:   Kent Scuba   Because of the depth an eight or ten-litre cylinder is plenty.

Site Hazards: Only real hazard would be falling off the sea wall onto the rocks below on the seas side on low water ...You can also hear the incoming tide crashing over the outer walls which is a reminder to exit the dive although I have slipped over the outer wall on the tide and dived the outer wall.

Nearest Public phone: In the Jet Ski world Cafe 200m from the pool.


Mobile Network service: Contact me


Other comments: The pool is 22,000 square meters and is like diving in a massive rock pool. Do not remove the sea life as it would upset the ecology of the tidal pool. Take nothing only memories and leave only bubbles ...

Pub: Plenty in Margate

Cafe: Palm bay Cafe     Jet Ski world Cafe

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Links: Kent scuba

Created by: Pheon Sears

Date: 5/6/20

Surface Photos:     By Pheon Sears

Walpole tidal pool wall

Underwater Photos: Contact me

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