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Weasel loch

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Shore dive with amazing gullies and rock formations.

Suggested Experience: Sport Diver 

Travel directions: Upon entering Eyemouth, follow signs for the caravan park, heading up the hill to the west. Enter the caravan park and bear right, towards the reception building. Go in & say that you want to dive: you’ll be sold a parking permit (currently £3). Loop around the one-way system until you come to a gate. Google

Parking directions: Pass through the gate & park as far to the left as you can on the large grass area.

From Edinburgh: 51 Miles  1 Hr 10 Mins

Lat & Long:  Lat: 55:52:40N (55.8778) Lon: 2:05:52W (-2.0977) Google

Depth: 17m 

Tides: Tide tables

Site entry/exit: From the car park, head west past information board to wooden steps. It’s a long walk down, but the steps are in good order. The clamber across the rocks at the bottom is very treacherous at low tide.

Weasel loch stairsWeasel loch from the sea

Underwater directions: Weasel Loch is about 8m deep with a sandy bottom: it’s worth exploring at the start and/or end of the dive. Head north and around the headland to the east. A noticeable current will carry you along a very scenic wall which develops into impressive overhangs known as the Grotto. Head north from there for 40m to find Conger Reef (depth 15m). After exploring it, head south to return to the wall. Diver’s Hole is further east (basically a sandy-bottomed depression). At high tide, Leeds Bay can be entered directly, bypassing the headland (Hairy Ness). If air is low or the current too strong, the dive can be exited at Leeds Bay. There are rough steps from the bay back to the car park. 

Air & Nitrox: Marinequest   Divestay

Site Hazards: At low tide, Weasel Loch is very difficult to access. The current along the wall can be quite noticeable: be prepared to head east if required rather than fighting it. Some fishing line. Diving boats.                  

Nearest Public phone: Eyemouth

Mobile Network service:  Contact me 

Other comments: The caravan park gate is locked at 5 pm. If you’re late, you’ll have to rely upon some kind soul with an access card to let you out!  

Pub: Plenty in Eyemouth  

Cafe: Eyemouth 

Created by: Charlie McGurk 


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Date: 12/7/06

Thanks To: Downunder for the pictures

Surface Photos:  Contact me

Underwater photos: By Downunder   Utube

Dead mens fingersDead mens fingers

Divesite map:

Dive map

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