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Wishing well

Alternative Names:  None

Type of Dive: The wishing well is a good shore dive on the Isle of Cumbrae great for small groups of divers.

Suggested Experience:

Travel directions:  From the M8 heading west take the A737 to Saltcoats turn of onto the A760 towards Lochwinnoch and carry on to Largs. In Largs head to the ferry to Cumbrae Leaving the ferry turn left and travel 1.5 miles arrive at the Wishing well.

Parking directions:

Wishing well parking

Lat & Long:  55.759532, -4.898059  Google

Tides: Tide tables   Can be dived low or high tide and tends to be well sheltered on an onshore wind

Depth: 30m

Site entry/exit: Entry in at the left-hand side facing the sea and there is a cleared pathway into the rocks. 

Underwater directions:  You can go right which is mainly sand and rubble and depths of anywhere up to 30mtrs. If diving to the left work your way down to about 8 meters and then fin over 500 yards, at a depth of around 8-10 meters there are some nice rocks formations holding crab, squat lobster, wrasses, lobster and around that rocky area and down to about 12 meters the Rocks continue. Passed 12 meters it more sandy/silt and the chance of squat lobsters and gurnard.

Air & Nitrox: C+C   West coast diving

Site Hazards:

Nearest Public phone:  Millport 

Mobile Network service:


Other comments: You can also dive Clashfarland point near here.

Pub:  The Royal George In Millport


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Created by: Robin Blythe

Date: 18/12/19

Surface Photos:     

Underwater Photos: By Robin Blythe

Dead mens fingersStar fishScallopSquat lobster

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